2018 info and results

Dates and Venues


Rds 1 and 2  - 26/27 May

 PJMX Blyth  

Rds 3 and 4 - 16/17 Jun



Rds 5 and 6  - 4/5 Aug 



Rds 7 and 8  - 15/16 Sep 

PJMX Blyth 

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Club Announcement

April 2018: QRS has confimed their progamme of events for 2018, with all events now being part of the NETT calendar and six from their eight rounds counting.  

NETT are running four double headers this year, all in England. While racing in Scotland is still our priority, members still want to race and agree that having events further afield is more attractive than no QRS Championship at all.  

We look forward to an exciting season ahead. 

Let the racing commence!

Classes and Counting Rounds


• Open to all QRS members, classes as NETT Classes

• QRS members can score points in the QRS championship from any six of the eight rounds run by NETT.    


• Points count towards end of season awards, there will be no QRS awards at individual events. 

championship standings

Event Results

Round 1 

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6

Round 7

Round 8


Iveston & Satley MCC run quad and sidecarcross racing in the North of England. 

The NETT Quad Championship has classes for junior, youth and adult   


For years Scottish riders crossing the Border have been made welcome by the NETT club members, long may it continue! 



Points Allocation

• If fewer rounds are run, QRS will reduce the number of counting rounds according so there are always two dropped rounds. 

• QRS points will be allocated after each NETT round, and will be allocated to QRS members only. 

• This means that if, for example, you are third in your class at a NETT round but first registered QRS member, you will score maximum points in the QRS championship for that round.