2019 info and results

QRS Dates and Venues

Rds 1 and 2  - 13/14 April 19

Wooley Grange

Adults and Youths

Hosted by NETT

Rd 3 - 12 May 19 (POSTPONED) ***


Adults only

Hosted by Drumclog MX


Rds 4 and 5  -  7/8 September 19


Adults and Youths

Hosted by NETT


Rd 6  - Nov/Dec 19 ***


Adults only

Hosted by Ecosse XC

*** Date TBC


From last year to this....

In 2018, QRS raced entirely in England. Unusual for a Scottish Championship but, at the time,  key to keeping Northern quad racing competitive and active.

And it proved to be a big success. The events were hosted by NETT and bringing the members of both clubs together definitely made for more competitive racing and bigger fields across all the classes. 

We're delighted that, in 2019,  the NETT organisers have chosen to include a Scottish venue - the all new Humbie MX track - in their calendar.  And grateful too, that Scottish MX clubs  -Drumclog and Ecosse - are willing to make room for an adult quad class in their busy programmes.

All of this lets us continue to race hard with our cousins at NETT and ride at home too.  

So, it's time to go racing, good luck to all! 


Classes and Counting Rounds


Open to all QRS members, classes are Championship, Adult Support and O40s.

Riders must stay in same class for all rounds.

Any five rounds count, lowest score is dropped. 


Open to all QRS members, classes as NETT Youth classes.

QRS members score points in the QRS championship on all four counting rounds i.e. Wooley 13th and 14th April and Humbie 7th and 8th September, or as many as are run.   

Points count towards end of season awards; there will be no QRS awards at individual events. 

championship standings

Event Results

The Links below will go live when results are published.


Round  1  ::  Round 2 ::   Round 3

Round 4 ::  Round 5 ::  Round 6


Round  1  ::  Round 2 

Round 3 ::  Round 4 


Iveston & Satley MCC run quad and sidecarcross racing in the North of England. The NETT Quad Championship has classes for junior, youth and adult riders.  

For many years Scottish riders crossing the Border have been made welcome by the NETT club members.  And this year, as well as the QRS counters, they have two other events in their calendar to tempt us...

Preston Docks  - 29/30 June

Dean Moor - 20/21 July

Connor Smith Memorial   

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Points Allocation

 Points count towards end of season awards; there will be no QRS awards at individual events.  

QRS points will be allocated after each round, and will be allocated to QRS members only. 

This means that if, for example, you are third in your class at a round but first registered QRS member, you will score maximum points in the QRS championship for that round.

Classes may be run together on some events but will be scored separately.